Geeta Grewal Continuation Of Kasol Story

Here I Am Telling You My Story Of Kasol, Just Completing My Kasol Story.

Hello friends, my name is Geeta grewal. Today I am back to complete my story of Kasol trip. We want I have told last time was that I and he had lunch together after that we were sitting in the lawn enjoying alluring view. I will now continue my story further. Sipping the tea of Assam suddenly his hands touched my hands. I got little nervous and pulled away my hands. Avoiding any eye contact, I stand up thinking about time which I have spent with my boyfriend. There are few lines which I want to tell you guys.

 मेरी ज़िंदगी की सबसे अछि शायरी है :-

फूल चुनने जब जब चमन में जाओगे । हर काली चमन में हमरी ही याद पाओगे।।उम्मीद और आश के सहारे हम क्यों जिए जाते है।जहर! दवा! गम! जाम! पिए जाते है।।एक तुम हो जो आने का नाम नहीं लेते। एक हम है इंतज़ार किये जाते है।|” I met him in party of common friend. He was sitting in the corner lost in thought. I spotted him and sat beside him. I thought he was missing someone. I greet him, he also reverted back, and we started off our conversation. He was very humble; slowly we started dating each other. But after I joined Delhi Escorts services he broke up with me. So sometimes I think, in my eyes this is my profession and I am not going to quit it but in others sight I don’t know what it is. I was lost in my thought suddenly he called my name and I realize I am at Kasol with my friends. Lost again in the thought of his memories. Sometimes I think because of this escort work I have lost my loved ones. If I did not joined the escort then he would not left me. But coming back to Kasol experience, he called my name and tries to get me back. He holed my hands, my heart beats skipped a bit. I went down on the memory lane. When my loved ones touched me first time. Pictures of fine time were flashing in front of me. I collected myself and got back to the moment. He was holding my hands but snatched my hand and went away and locked myself into hotel room.  He was running after me but I did not listen to him. Thinking about old times when my loved ones left me because I got involved in Independent Delhi Escorts services. First thing which flash in front of me, my boyfriend was very good human being and he use to love me a lot. And do not want someone else to come in my life and left again. So I decided to go away for always. I got lost in the fog of Kasol forever without giving my any address to anyone. I found he was searching for me and asking about me. But I don’t wanted him to at reach me. Leaving a letter behind me. I will love to tell you what I have written in my letter. Delhi Call Girls

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